Yes, we are very small, just me, Roger and Aaron building the boards and Toni taking  care of all the paperwork. We, however, have been doing this for a long time and, if I may say so myself, are pretty good at it. I do all the shaping while Roger and Aaron do all the painting, glassing, sanding and finish work. And everything is done by hand, the boards are shaped from scratch [meaning from a blank without the use of a shaping machine] and every step from that first one is all done with care and attention to detail. We aren’t a big factory pumping out a ton of production, we take great pride in each and every board and a lot of effort goes into making sure they all come out as perfect as we can make them. Every board is custom made to order to insure that it is right surfboard for you.


The Goods

All our soft and hard goods are limited edition items.