For Indo, Hawaii or anywhere 4’-8’ waves are pumping, the Pocket Rocket would be the main battle board in one’s quiver. Again general dimensions and tail shape are necessary to dial in the fit so it will be perfect. This will be a very personal board that will be called on often to deliver when it starts to get hairy. In those kinds of situations, one doesn’t want a board that is only just cutting it but one with extra speed, maneuverability and control to make riding the edge a whole lot of fun and not a white knuckle, barely hanging in there exercise. In general, the Pocket Rocket would be anywhere in length from 6’-4” up to 7’-4” depending on the rider and where he surfs.

Sizes: 6'4" - 7'4"

Each of our boards are custom shaped so our ordering process is a little more intimate than a simple “Add To Cart.” To start the custom build process please fill out the order form below or contact us directly at info@gerrylopezsurfboards.com.

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