Not for everyone but personally I’ve always felt my Elephant Guns were just as at home in 6’-8’ waves as they were in 15’-20’+ surf. Some surfers need to have a gun like this in their quiver even if they may only really use it a few times a year. Basically an Elephant Gun is a paddleboard designed for catching any wave, any size and still being able to maneuver and really ride the wave, not just go straight, hanging on for dear life. Now, boards in the 10’-6 and longer range are making a comeback. Funny how it all comes back around, at one time in my career, many years ago, the standard length of surfboards was 10’-6”. Of course, they were the old style long boards but that length and longer were what we all rode

Sizes: 8'6" - 10'0"

Each of our boards are custom shaped so our ordering process is a little more intimate than a simple “Add To Cart.” To start the custom build process please fill out the order form below or contact us directly at info@gerrylopezsurfboards.com.

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