This is our most popular board because it makes surfing easier. The Cheater evolved from what we called a mini-tanker in the early 1980’s, just a shorter version of a long board. It kept being refined to add more horsepower to be able to handle a wider range of waves in size and juice. Today’s shape still has a fuller nose to maximize paddling while still having rails, edges, bottom rocker and foil to make it fast, steady, positive and maneuverable in almost any wave situation. Bottom shape is usually flat to vee running out the tail. General lengths run from 6’-8” up to 8’-4, widths between 20”-22 ½” and thickness anywhere from 2 ½” – 3 1/8” depending on rider’s height, weight, ability and experience.

Sizes: 6'8" - 8'4"

Each of our boards are custom shaped so our ordering process is a little more intimate than a simple “Add To Cart.” To start the custom build process please fill out the order form below or contact us directly at info@gerrylopezsurfboards.com.

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