Tow boards have been a specialty of ours since the beginning of tow-in surfing. We began with making all the boards for Laird, Darrick, a host of others and myself as well when this method of riding big surf started. Since then it has evolved into a fine art that is not limited to just big waves. Some tow boards are actually designed for smaller surf and some as a substitute for wake boards to leap the gap behind wakeboarding boats. These are very customized boards designed specially for each rider and exactly what application they have in mind. For a special wave like Jaws, for example, we add lead weights strategically placed to balance and weight the board to handle the vicious bumps and chops encountered there. For the big surf, a tow board is what makes riding impossibly huge waves a reality. Confidence in one’s equipment is paramount in making this happen.

Tiger Tow-in

Behind the Boat, Wave Pool or Standing Wave Surfboards