A shorter board will always make more turns and accelerate more quickly than a longer board.

The downside is a reduction of paddling ability. Thickness and width can be added but that generally results in a loss of performance. Most shortboard surfers have an ideal thickness that works best for them and a range in personal surfboard widths depending on the particular type of shape they are riding.


6'0" - 6'6"

Our high performance small board with any choice of bottom shape…single to double concave, double concave or single concave, any choice of tail shape and anything in particular to customize this design so that it is a perfect fit for the surfer’s needs. When ordering, be as specific as possible with dimensions as well as desires of where you want to go with this board. For most surfers, this will be their most frequently used surfboard.


5'10" - 6'6"

This is our version of the modern Fish shape with more paddling built into a small wave short board with a pointy nose. Single to double concave bottom shape, a progressive rocker and any variation of tail shape to suit the rider…be it swallow, squash or round pin, make a nice combination for small to medium size waves of any shape and high performance surfing.

Little Darlin

5’-10” to 8’-4”

This board grew out of the Cheater in the search for more high performance without losing the paddling power. The Little Darlin’ is just that, a sweet, quick, easy riding board that can take it to the juice with confidence, knowing it will catch most any wave and still handle late take offs, steep drops, and fast, hollow sections. A single to double concave gives the Little Darlin’ speed and holding power when the juice comes down. Sizes run from 5’-10” to 8’-4”, widths from 20” – 22” and thickness 2 ½” – 3” or whatever the rider feels will fit him best.

Tita Moana

6'3" - 7'0"

The Tita Moana is for the water girl who is looking for something more ladylike in her surfboard. Rounder Curves in the plan shape, thin soft rails and a progressive rocker with extra lift give this board sassy slashing moves with very friendly manners. Tita Moana drives like a dream and can be the one-board-fits-all in the 3'-6' surf range.

Pocket Rocket

6’4” - 7’4”

For Indo, Hawaii or anywhere 4’-8’ waves are pumping, the Pocket Rocket would be the main battle board in one’s quiver. Again general dimensions and tail shape are necessary to dial in the fit so it will be perfect. This will be a very personal board that will be called on often to deliver when it starts to get hairy. In those kinds of situations, one doesn’t want a board that is only just cutting it but one with extra speed, maneuverability and control to make riding the edge a whole lot of fun and not a white knuckle, barely hanging in there exercise. In general, the Pocket Rocket would be anywhere in length from 6’-4” up to 7’-4” depending on the rider and where he surfs.


6'10" - 7'4"

The Swoopa developed out of trying to get more paddling into a typical pointy nose short board like our Pocket Rocket. By making the nose slightly wider, we were able to accomplish just that. Of course, anytime the nose area is increased some of the vertical performance ability is compromised but this is always the trade off to get addition paddling. On the Swoopa, however, one will notice the better paddling before any lack of performance. This is a fun, easy riding board with some legs to take it bigger and further than one might expect.

Something Fishy


Back in the early 1970s, Steve Lis created a surfboard design that has endured through the decades and is as valid today as it was almost 50 years ago. The Fish design has gone through just about every permutation and probably most shapers. My son, Alex tried an old Lis board and it was love at first wave. Our Something Fishy is inspired and oftentimes shaped by Alex. It is a blend of the old template and our take on rails, bottom shape and rocker. We like how it works and, if you are a Fish lover, think you might too. 

Now Then


This is another design inspired by Alex. It seems his tastes in surfboard shapes are more open then my own. This is a good thing because it makes me go back, look at what we used to do before he was even born and bring some of that past into our boards for today. By factoring in all we've learned in the process that brought us to the present, we create a new thing. The single fin idea had a lot of validity and in some applications remained more appropriate even after multi-fin designs took over. The Now Then is a combination of an older style, wide point forward, fuller nose template and low entry rocker combined with modern rails and a variety of more current bottom shape tweaks. Single fins go faster than multi-fin boards simply because one fin has less drag. Single fin boards are very fun to ride and put you into a new headspace every time.