While these shapes were the state of the art in the 70's, now they are collector items. Own a piece of history with an original replica of the first board to successfully ride the tube at the Pipeline.

Classic Bolts

These boards take us back to exactly what I rode in the 1970’s whether it was at the Pipeline, Ala Moana or wherever the person who gets one wants to go with their memories. I still have my original templates and rockers so the boards are exact replicas of the original shapes. They are glassed how they were 30+ years ago using tint or opaque laminations, glassed on single fins and no leash cups. The finish work is the same Lightning Bolt insignia I always used and the glossed finish is buffed to that same shine all the boards in our racks at the old Bolt shop on Kapiolani Blvd. had. Very few of the hundreds of boards we sold have survived the years but one of these will bring back those remembrances with a smile about the good times. Every year one of these boards is presented to the winner of the Pipe Masters and has become the premier trophy for a professional surfer to have.

THese Collectible Surfboards start at: $5,000